Walkers and birdwatchers will welcome this up-dated and free reprint of the Red Kite Trail. Copies are available at several points within the lower Derwent Valley e.g. Thornley Woodlands Visitor Centre, Swalwell Visitor Centre and Gibside National Trust.
Red  Kite Trail   1

Red Kite Trail

 Red Kite Trail 3

Red Kite Trail 4

Red Kite Trail

Red Kite Trail 6 

  A full-size A4 copy of this map can be found on the reverse of the Red Kite Trail Leaflet.


An extended and more detailed Guide

Red Kite Trail guide 


Click on the above image for detailed pdf Guide to the Red Kite Trail.

Up-dated by June Atkinson and Jackey Lockwood,  28 July 2014


Red Kite Trail Walk



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